Monday, September 8, 2008

Collaborative Art Journal - Brights

This is the last of the Collaborative Art Journals, which is Brights, belonging to Barbara Pritchard. I received this in July and have been procrastinating about the last pages for over a month :-(
The first page is a branch of wattle - they are the brightest flowers out in winter and there are so many down our street. The flowers are actually tiny pom poms and I made the leaves by using the pinking shears to cut out the shape then snipped the edges.

My next page is just playing around with lots of pieces of bright fabric and threads, starting with roosters Rise and Shine. It is covered with gauze, which I am not too happy with - too dense for this piece.

The next page was fun to make as I had bought some beads because they looked like licorice allsorts, the others I had in my stash. The jelly beans are painted wooden beads. Here is the sweet shop:

Now the piece of procrastination: the parrot! My friend Ray Clifton is a keen photographer and I told him about my idea of doing a bright bird - perhaps a rooster. He found this photo and I have played around with ideas for it. In the end some of the pieces are glued on. I used stitching to make feathers, the background is upholstery fabric. This page is not as bright as the photo, so I included it as well and made a frame for it.

We have all had a great journey working on these journals and will present the finished articles to Rose City Quilters on the October Club meeting.
I think that next year some of the group are wanting to try a similar thing but with a different approach. Perhaps making our own journals using different techniques and with a theme each month - that may be harder to keep on track - we'll see!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Teaser!

Sorry this is all I can show you for another challenge!
I have used these 2 fabrics. There is a tree, applique, hand stitching and lots of beading - well it is a wall hanging size and it really does have to catch the judges attention - from a photograph, that's only 20 seconds.

The photos have to be in Australia by the 14th September, so I am on schedule (thank goodness it's all finished!).

Monday, September 1, 2008

D is for .....

dosing, and

Mother duck had brought her babies into the chook compound hoping for an easy feed this morning.
Nolan and I spent an hour rounding up the sheep so we could dock the lamb's tails and vaccinate them with a triple vac. for pulpy kidney. 5 male and 7 female lambs and very muddy clothes which are now in the wash and should get dry today.
It is the first day of spring and we have had 3 days of sunshine to celebrate. I have been able to dig in new trees for the orchard, we both mowed the lawns yesterday and I fell asleep pretty much after tea!