Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Competition Entry

This is a portion of my entry into the inaugural quilt competition by APQ (Australian Patchwork and Quilting) magazine. The theme was "Fantasy" and I chose to do a wholecloth quilt with Icarus as the central image. I 'painted' his body and the wings with tea and the shadows are emphasised with coffee. Over the top of the wings, which are stitched in the feather stitch, I glued glitter - unfortunately it shows up here as blue, but that is the shine from the flash. It is hours of quilting but I have the entry posted off in plenty of time, thank goodness! Now to the next project.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quilting Bee

This last Saturday some of my quilting group got together at my place for a quilting bee. We were helping out my friend Marjorie who wanted to make a wedding quilt for a niece, but this was a too much for her to manage especially as she is fighting cancer on 2 fronts.
Marjorie was having complete bed rest in hospital so couldn't join us.
But, we started with the fabric (New Zealand fabrics) and a picture ...

Pam, Jenny, Sue and I had our 4 sewing machines going while Biddy cut and ironed fabric.

Pam doing push-ups to get up off the floor and an almost completed top.
8.5 hours later we had finished the top, almost finished piecing a backing, eaten great food and had a lovely day working together.

From left: Pam, Jenny, Sue, me, and Biddy.
Well done ladies!