Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Could Be Trouble!

Poor Chloe, it was too much to bear. Here she was, lying out in the sun, minding her own business when this little lamb came to investigate - yep! too close for her - it might think she's the mum!

Unfortunately the weather has been soooo very wet lately, I found the little one on the right, dead this morning. Most likely a combination of the wet and cold and it was the smallest twin. Still sad though.

You'll Never Walk Alone

My very dear friend, Marjorie started chemotherapy for her cancer today. Over the last 10 days I have made her this quilt, it's really very simple but every stitch has been stitched with love, it has fabric with angels on it in the centre and I have quilted angels, hearts and feathers around the border. It is backed with soft, fluffy wincyette and has 80% wool 20% cotton batting and measures 54" square.
There will be times when she feels very alone and the struggle will seem all uphill, but she will know that she is being loved and cared for every step of the way.

corner angel

All my love, Marjorie - this is so for you!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Brighton Pavilion - an Art Quilt

This my interpretation of a postcard for the Challenge at Celebration of Quilts last weekend. The postcard was the Brighton Pavilion. Certainly the colours are not correct but I loved the 'Turkish' look of the building. So I have used copper for the onion roofs - heated and scored. Stitched the lattice work and made the uprights from satay sticks. Overall size is 420mm x 300mm.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quilt Show

Next weekend Rose City Quilters has a Quilt Show here in Palmerston North at the Convention Centre. Today committee members sorted the quilts ready to hang on Thursday, the challenges were judged and those in the general show that quilters wanted judged, were also judged. We also put labels on each quilt with the maker's name, the quilter and a little information about the quilt - this saves having a programme to search through. How exciting! We have over 200 quilts submitted for showing and these have been made since the last show we had in 2006. Of course having a Symposium last year meant that there were quite a lot of new techniques people had tried.
I made a quilt for the Challenge. Criteria was:
  • to be inspired by a postcard
  • A3 size (420mm x 300mm)
  • horizontally presented
We had 4 entries for Novice, 4 for Intermediate and 14 for the Advanced category. Quite a good selection and a large number of styles.
I haven't even taken a photo of my quilt. It was finished at 1:30am this morning while I was watching the opening of the Olympic Games. I used copper shim for the first time - thank goodness it was a small quilt because the copper shows up all the bends otherwise!