Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Notebook

Yesterday some of us looked at using Google Notebook. I set up some folders that aren't neccesarily to do with Library work, but boy, how neat when you find cool, informative websites and can 'clip' them into your notebook. I have recommended it to my youngest daughter who is going on a field trip at the end of the year, to Greece for her honours papers (Classics at VUW). She will be able to get lots of relevant information at her fingertips and will just need to find an Internet cafe to log on - or take her laptop with the wireless card, which will be cheaper!!

I was pretty pleased with myself because the other family members (who are a lot more computer savvy than me) didn't know about Google Notebook. Yippee!

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Donna said...

It was a great session wasn't it. I too, like your family had not heard of notebook until Kathy mentioned it. I am glad you enjoyed it and more so that you are now blogging about it!!! :-)