Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fabric Shops in NYC

I was reading the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of FiberARTS where there was an article about Mood Fabrics: Where Project Runway shops. In a little block was a mention of Paula Nadelstern, quilt artist and fabric designer. She has mentioned other fabric shops in NYC and places to eat. Fantastic! Pity I live so far away, but what fun visiting her site.


Anonymous said...

I MIGHT be going to NY next May (my sister is ahving an exhibition there in SOho! How exciting is that??!!) I'll only be there a week, but I'd love to hit those shops!

Erilyn said...

Isn't it to die for! If only I'd known in 2000 when I was there - only visited 2 stores and can't remember the names.