Sunday, February 3, 2008

Restoring the Oak Buffet

After making such a good job of the oak cabinet, which I now use for wine glasses and some special antique crockery, I was requested to start on the dining room buffet. This is the before photo - oops, it's got a bottom drawer stained, which is not how we bought it. As you can see it is a blond oak and it is far too light to go with the other oak furniture living in the dining room.
4 weeks after starting the project it is now ready for unveiling. It has been stripped of all the old varnish, sanded, stained, varnished, new felt, cleaned handles and new locks.

Doesn't it look fantastic with the blue felt? The product I used for sealing was Woodoc 10 Indoor Velvet Polywax Sealer. It is so easy to use, in fact, I put it on with a cloth, so there were no problems with brush marks, it doesn't smell strongly and with the wax in it, the woods just soaks it up! It's ideal for furniture where you want a low gloss or matt finish - necessary I reckon, for antique furniture. I also bought the Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax which will help nourish the wood for heaps more years.
As you can see in the photo on the right, even the silver has been cleaned!


Anonymous said...

What colour stain did you use on the oak buffet? It looks fantastic! I am in the process of trying to strip a table and buffet and I really don't no what I am doing. My original plan was not to stain as this is not an antique set, but I do not like the yellow colour it changed into after 15 years. I wanted to throw it off the balcony as it looks terrible with my modern dark furniture but my husband is quite attached to it. My plan was to just srip it of the varnish that prevents it from darkening naturally, but how do I protect the table from heat and spills? you look like a pro. Please help.


Erilyn said...

Hi, I'm not a pro, but I love the old oak. A lot of polyurethanes (varnish) will yellow wood when you apply it, but I got a stain mixed for me by a man who teaches fine woodworking. If you go to a furniture restorer (often the one-man-band type is much more helpful than a 'bigger' company) they should be able to mix up something suitable. I loved the Woodoc brand because it has a mixture of polyurethane, oil and wax and didn't seem to yellow the wood. You may need to test sealers and stains on a back or underside piece. All the best with your restoring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erilyn & Maretha. Your buffet looks really good. A good advert for Woodoc as well. Thank you. Maretha the yellow is caused by the ageing of polyurethanes which were commonly used years ago. To regain the lovely natural look you see in Erilyns buffet, strip it back and apply a modern sealer/finisher either clear to show the natural colour and grain or if you wish add a stain to the clear product to tint to what you would like.
Dennis (Woodoc Pacific Ltd)