Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quilt Show

Next weekend Rose City Quilters has a Quilt Show here in Palmerston North at the Convention Centre. Today committee members sorted the quilts ready to hang on Thursday, the challenges were judged and those in the general show that quilters wanted judged, were also judged. We also put labels on each quilt with the maker's name, the quilter and a little information about the quilt - this saves having a programme to search through. How exciting! We have over 200 quilts submitted for showing and these have been made since the last show we had in 2006. Of course having a Symposium last year meant that there were quite a lot of new techniques people had tried.
I made a quilt for the Challenge. Criteria was:
  • to be inspired by a postcard
  • A3 size (420mm x 300mm)
  • horizontally presented
We had 4 entries for Novice, 4 for Intermediate and 14 for the Advanced category. Quite a good selection and a large number of styles.
I haven't even taken a photo of my quilt. It was finished at 1:30am this morning while I was watching the opening of the Olympic Games. I used copper shim for the first time - thank goodness it was a small quilt because the copper shows up all the bends otherwise!

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