Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Prize Winner!!

This was my entry into the Spotlight Quilt Challenge and today I got a phone call from Australia to say that I was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! I had just about given up hearing from them and was deciding whether I should enter it anywhere else. You just never know - they loved it!! The prize is a Brother NX-400 sewing machine - I was just hoping that I could win some money to spend in the store and didn't bother too much about the machine!! WooHoo!
Watch this space!


kirsty said...


(did you hear me from there??)
That is the coolest news for ages!! And a fantastic quilt!!

Erilyn said...

WooHoo! Thanks Kirsty - and from the quilt maestro herself, thanks so cool!

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

A fabulous quilt. Wish you would show it on a new website in UK ( that a lot of us UK girls have joined.
It would be wonderful to meet quilters from New Zealand.

Babs McInnis

Erilyn said...

Thanks Babs, I'll check it out.