Friday, April 10, 2009

Wellington Quilt Symposium

Today is day one of the quilt symposium, I had a good drive - more traffic heading north out of Wellington, than heading south - and spied snow on the ranges, and it was cold at Waikanae. I have picked up my goodie bag and enjoyed looking at the tutor's exhibition - there are going to be some fantastic classes over the next 5 days. Tonight I am going to the Welcome and Awards Evening and will hopefully catch up with friends. Tomorrow I am and 'angel' in one of the classes - won't know which one until I turn up tomorrow morning - great anticipation there. I will have at least other exhibitions to browse through, especially to look at the other entries in the New Zealand Post Challenge and the New Zealand Quilter Challenge. Some of the names in the catalogue are very high fliers in New Zealand and international quilting (what was I thinking to join them?). Ah well - lots of inspiration and plenty of new people to meet.

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