Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Amazing Journey continues ...

We flew into Cairo to find that Air Force One was parked up - the streets were almost empty and on the main thoroughfare we could see the secret service agents. We had someone meet us at the airport and deliver us to our Hotel (this was a blessing). A tour was arranged for the next day, and as much as it was expensive, it certainly made it very easy for us - so I'd recommend a guide for Cairo.
Here is a view of the Great Pyramid - bit different, eh?

Here's the travelling bear getting a really good posed picture in front of the 3 pyramids, Cairo in the background, on a very hot day.

We paid an extra entry fee to look at the Solar Boat, which has been beautifully restored, and was used the ferry one of the Pharaohs across the Nile to his final resting place. Made from Lebanese cedar.
And of course a visit to the Pyramids would not be complete without a photo of the Sphinx (I like this head shot best!)

We only had the one day in Cairo, so after the pyramid tour, did a little scouting around our hotel area. We were the only 'tourists' so enjoyed drinking tea on a street corner and watching all the comings and goings of the neighbourhood.
Later that evening we caught the overnight train to Luxor.
Recommendation: book your train ticket beforehand! and especially don't leave it to do on a Friday afternoon - the ticket office is closed. We didn't have a problem, but it was a close call.
Loved: the people are very friendly, greeting you with 'Welcome'.
Seeing the pyramids so close to the suburbs.
Crossing the 5-laned street!

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