Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Not Sure What's Going On!?

The egg on the left is from one of my young Blue Andalusian's, the one in the middle is from a Bantam, but that one on the right?
I've had some strange eggs this year: a long pointy one that was a double yolker, a couple without hard shells (they have a supply of oyster grit) and another small one which measured 35mm, but this is almost half of that!
Oh well!


RubySlippers said...

oh wow, that's tiny! will you keep it (blow out the yolk)? it would be cool to have a comparison of these eggs on display, maybe with your other covered ones??

Erilyn said...

Well, I'm hoping that it will just dry up inside, the other little one did. They will definitely have to be displayed somewhere ;-)