Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthdays and Rainbows

Sunday was my birthday - yes, I know I kept quiet about that, but ONLY because I've been busy, truly!
Sunday was also spring forward New Zealand daylight saving changeover, [groan]. Don't get me wrong, I love changing to daylight saving and this year was earlier and has worked out well - it's just that it takes about a week to catch up sleep-wise.
So Sunday, we loose an hour's sleep, and I was getting up early so that my friend Pam and I could go to Wellington. We had tickets to the 5:00pm session of WoW (World of Wearable Art), the STAR package no less, so we had some munchies from Ruth Pretty's kitchen, a small bottle of bubbly, programme and vouchers. I still have to vote for my favourite, but it's a hard decision this year, just so many beautiful costumes.
Why did we have to leave so early for an evening session? Because the Italian community in Wellington was having a festival at the Westpac Trust Stadium! Food, gelato and opera! What more could you want on a Sunday? Heaps of people, but we went at a good time, had space for a rest before heading to WoW. Afterwards, we met up with Sarah (she had been a dresser for one of the WoW models), Derrick and Andy and had a lovely Malaysian dinner. Sarah had baked a lovely carrot cake so that was dessert later.
Into bed just after midnight, phew!
Last night was the September meeting for Rose City Quilters. I very rarely buy raffle tickets, mostly because I'm busy before the meeting and I forget, but last night I bought 3 and won a prize. I had been envying the thread box prizes for ages and even though my ticket was the last one drawn, my choice (not!) was this:
Also, my very talented art quilter friend, Rhonda Ellery, gave me her Celebration of Quilts Challenge entry, which is this:
She has used different fabrics for texture, painted, stamped and just played, as she does. I so love it. Thank you Rhonda, you are so generous!

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