Friday, December 28, 2007

A Pinata and Lemon Bars

We had an extra treat to celebrate the birthday - a fabulous pinata filled with sweets, chocolate coins and party poppers. This sea horse was a difficult one to break - it even defeated the cardboard rolls from the wrapping paper, but we had fun and in the end it succumbed to a broom handle (actually even that got broken!). The chocolate coins and the party poppers didn't survive the bashing!

This Piece De Resistance are Lemon Bars that Derrick made from his new cookbook, Baking Illustrated: the practical kitchen companion for the home baker (by the editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine) - they not only look fantastic, but taste so divine - one piece is fulfilling, lemony and entices you back for more later.


Donna said...

Those lemon bars look delicious.... Derrick may need to share the recipe :-)

Erilyn said...

Ah! I could say "get the library to buy it!" But truthfully, it uses a LOT of eggs and lemons, so it has to be an occasional treat :-(

Karen said...

Happy New Year Erilyn. I've just wasted a couple of hours checking up on blogs I haven't read for the last few weeks. Christmas presents were finished just in time and now I'm trying to get a couple of quilt tops done before our meeting.
The lemon bars look absolutely delicious and I WANT SOME!! As for you leaving work, I think you deserve a few weeks break my friend. Time to take a few deep breathes and enjoy the colour in your life! Hugs

Faye said...

My gosh, this looks amazing as well. Me thinks it is time for a visit. What are you doing at Easter?