Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Collaborative Art Journal

I have gathered together a few arty friends and we are starting on a journey making a collaborative art journal for each other. We have chosen a colour or theme and mine is brown.

Here is the front cover with embossing on velvet.

Inside the front cover:

Title page (so to speak):

Inside back cover with needle felting on handmade wet felt:

And the back cover. I so loved the magnolia leaf I found, the colour was absolutely perfect.
I am really looking forward to the challenge of trying something new in everyone's journal. Whether it's working with paper or textiles, there are so many ideas and tools to work with.
Bring it on!


Jo-Anne said...

Hi Erilyn,

you remember the latest Tea leaf reading you gave me. you mentioned the statue of Jesus Christ with his outstretched on the hill in Rio de Janiro, will I thought you might like to know, that Stephen recieved the BUZZ Playstation came,, general knowledge quiz and I won the game on the final question ..."where is this statue"...... TEA LEAVES ARE TRUE!!! JO

Erilyn said...

Well, there you go! What else can I say?

po-mo said...

You are so clever mum. The journal looks AMAZING. Can't wait to see your contributions to the other journals.