Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Collaborative Art Journal - Phase 3

I have just finished working on Faye's Collaborative Art Journal. Her choice of colour is Orange - such a vibrant colour and I decided to go all out and do 4 pages.
Page 1 is a gate, made from disposable bamboo chopsticks, that opens into a mysterious world of orange. - fabric, feathers, paint and embossing powder - see this photo:

I decided to make like a 36 patch and put 'findings' into each of the squares, so there are beads, Fanta can teartabs, an inchie (from the Rose City Quilter's swap), marigold seeds, buttons, seashells and ribbons.

Pages 3 & 4 are part of the orange garden - Faye won't have to water, weed or care for this one! I made a daisy from the Fanta can, stitching around the outside petals with the sewing machine, then hand stitching the center piece. The poppies I had wanted to try out after reading a book with the flowers cut out and just center stitched.

The 4th page has a terracotta paving pathway with lots of different flowers - some made from ribbon, others are French Knots and others are Suffolk Puffs. I hadn't done very much work like this so it is all a relatively new experience.

So much fun!
Now onto some other quilting that needs to be finished!


po-mo said...

Wow the Fanta flower came out great! Good work mum.

Erilyn said...

I must say that it was fun working on it, and it does look great, eh?

Donna said...

OMG ... That is so fantastic :-) You are so talented!!! Hope you are well, Donna xx

Karen J said...

Erilyn, you are such an awesome person and so talented. Where did you get the idea of the fanta can... amazing. But blow you.. now I have ANOTHER idea for my pearl book which is nowhere near finished and I fly out tomorrow... eeekkk.. I have to do 30 squares with cream things since it's for 30 years of marriage!!!! Thank you for sharing again.. Luv Karen

Faye said...

HOLY COW Erilyn!!! I had decided I wouldn't look at any photos until my journal came back to me, but man oh man you have gone overboard. Love it amd cam't wait to see it IRL.

Erilyn said...

That'll teach you for having a peek!! :-O

Megan said...

Wow Erilyn, that is AMAZING!!! I am so amazed by all I have seen come this way so far, and know I was definiately out of my element, so arty :o) you are so amazingly talented!!! I can't wait to see it in real life!!