Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Happy Village

Here's another 'Happy Village' done the Karen Eckmeier way - it's so easy and fun to do! This is Primosten in Croatia - the old town sits on what used to be an island but is now attached to the mainland. The high tower on the hill is actually the church of St Juraj erected in 1485 and restored in 1760.
I may have to give this to Sarah, because when she and Derrick were in Croatia in 2005, this was a place she really wanted to see, but fell asleep in the car and couldn't be woken up.

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Faye said...

Wow, this is a place that Mike and I were just saying the other night that we would love to go to. That is if t his is close to Dubrovnik. It always looks beautiful. Love the happy village theme of the quilt.