Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tote & Gloat Challenge Quilts

Tomorrow is set-up day for Saturday's Tote & Gloat. A day of sweat and sore muscles at the end of it - we have to lay out chairs for 500+ people, tables, quilt stands to be erected, display quilts (this year will be the Happy Villages and Landscapes from the Karen Eckmeier workshops) to be hung and the merchant mall area will be busy with merchants setting up their stalls. All in anticipation of the day on Saturday.
The challenge quilt theme for Rose City Quilters members is Opposites. This year the committee have not given a set size, it just has to be no bigger than 2m. This is an attempt to get members to enter the challenges - there are great prizes at stake too!.
I have made 3 wall hangings for this challenge.

This one uses the 3 primary colours and it's opposite, plus the black/white combination - I randomly picked a different block to show these off and then attached them together with different types of fastenings.

Are My Lines Straight? was the first one I made and I quilted it with fractal lines to give it even more unbalance.

Evening Standard uses some of the off-cuts from Are My Lines Straight? I did go to town with the quilting - can you see the fantails at the bottom?

Now, these are very simple quilts, and I don't expect to win anything, but if the work is neat and imaginative, I think that there is no harm in entering. Who knows what the judge will like and what other entries there will be!

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