Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The First of the Lambs

Thank goodness yesterday was a lovely warm day for these 2 to make their entrance into the world. The dark ewe on the left is Coco, mother to Rosie, the white ewe (they are both Romney). When I arrived home I couldn't tell whether one or both ewes had delivered, but this afternoon I had a closer look. I think that Coco acted as midwife! Certainly her udder doesn't look like it's in action, even though both lambs have tried sucking from her - also she is calling to them and they respond! Rosie had been with the ram earlier than Coco, so I was expecting her to deliver way before the others.
Happy families indeed!

Here is the 'boy', I was able to give him a cuddle!


RubySlippers said...

oh doesn't he just like beautiful! great photo ma xx

Coreen said...

I'm gonna have to give myself a reminder to check out your page more often. SUCH delightful pictures... I'm really envious of your spring coming - our summer lasted about 2 weeks, and now it's autumn and we've got the heating on. Boo Hoo!!! However, I'll be blackberry picking this weekend to make some jelly, so I'll get some pix to you somehow - pity our two applications can't talk to each other! xxxx