Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Project Finished

... well almost! It just needs the buttons, which I am hoping will arrive in the mail soon. This is a bag to carry a large cutting board, sewing extension table, rotary cutter, patterns, fabric and whatever else. This is the outside:

I used curtaining fabric for more stability, but also used pellon on the outside (phew! that was not easy to quilt, hence the minimal amount). Also made the handles from the stalks of the flax flowers. I have varnished them a couple of times for durability and to stop any splintering.
This is the inside:

Again, curtaining fabric. The long center pocket holds a 6" x 24" ruler, on the right is the cutting board pocket and you can see the rotary on the left. I actually have a velcro stopper for this pocket so the cutter doesn't fall out. Plenty of pockets for scissors, needles, patterns and fabric. The pattern for this bag (a.k.a Gypsy Rose Bag) comes from The Cloth Shop.


Shiree said...

oooh I really like the look of this, so handy to pop everything in and just grab and go! How wonderful

Erilyn said...

Thanks Shiree. I'm hoping it will fit on the machine trolley easily so that I won't have to carry it - I expect that it could get heavy!

RubySlippers said...

well done on getting the bag done- it looks fabulous! can't wait to see it in person x