Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pink Baby Quilt is Finished

Here it is!
It started as an embroidered teddy bear on calico many years ago and just sat there in the fabric box. So, I thought, time to use you in a quilt. I had the pinks, greens and browns left over from another quilt which is waiting to be quilted, so rather than put them away (they do look nice together), I decided to use the fabric for a baby girl. It's taken me a few weeks, especially with the applique, but I'm very happy with the end result.
Measures: 44.5" x 37" (or 1130mm x 935mm), hopefully OK for a cot.


Kayjay said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.. as usual Erilyn.

Erilyn said...

Thank you very much :-)

Lisa said...

This is a gorgeous quilt!! I love it... Lisa

Coreen said...

That little bear reminds me of the one you made for my 40th! But I'm afraid pink isn't for me... Which isn't to say you've done an amazing job!!!