Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rose City Quilters Guest Speaker

Last night I was the guest speaker for Rose City Quilters. I have been reluctant to do this in the past, but finally capitulated. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but had typed up what I was going to say and sorted out a huge number of quilts to show, and once I got started, it wasn't too bad. I think my biggest worry was that my quilts are not really of interest to most club members (being more art oriented), and I tend to enter a lot of challenges, but many came up to have a look and chat later, so that was really nice.


Kayjay said...

I wish I'd been there. I should have planned a trip since it was a long weekend. I'm sure your quilts were well received. Have dragged out the vege garden one tonight???? Ideas..

Erilyn said...

I have finished one - but then I was making them smaller than what you intended! it was a lot of quilting, but looks pretty good.

Kayjay said...

where are you. I've just got a new computer so checking what I've missed. Are you overseas somewhere ???