Monday, December 13, 2010

S.I.X. Have a Play Day

Well, we have all been very busy, but had promised ourselves a play day and also to sort out our next group challenge. Fortunately it was a warm afternoon without too much wind, so we could dry our things outside - also we needed plenty of ventilation for what we were working with. In the USA you would use Citra Solv, here in NZ we have found that D-Limonene (from a cleaning supplies store) does the same thing. Some of us tried different magazines, but, believe me National Geographic has the BEST results.

Sue used plenty of liquid!

This one I had plastic wrap over the top

Sue used lots of cleaning fluid and lost some colour from her pages, but the effects were very dramatic. Cheryl found ghost pictures of people appearing from the reverse of the page or the opposite - so cool! You have to use gloves otherwise your fingers get covered in printers ink - which does come off, but stays under the nails for longer.
I think that next time I will halve the magazine first and have a look at the pages deciding which ones to fold, cover with plastic wrap, etc. Working with damp gloves it was quite difficult to separate pages, especially when you needed to tear them out and lay them out to dry. But a GREAT afternoon.
Now to using the pages - some will end up being scanned and printed on to fabric - who needs to buy when you can make your own - even over-printing!

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