Monday, December 13, 2010

We Are Published!

S.I.X. has a double page spread in the latest New Zealand Quilter magazine which arrived in my mail box this morning. This is the 6" x 12" challenge Facets of a Rectangle where we exhibited at Taylor Jensen Gallery (you can see the photos in the August archives). I am pretty excited that 2 of my pieces were chosen to be published, and the biggest photo is the triptych of the fantails. I have to admit that I was quite concerned with my entries, because they were so very different than the others' works. I mean, look at the monarch triptych! and the bark selection! In the end, I guess you have to be true to yourself. It was an exhibition of 6 individuals' work and we all have different strengths, time to trial/experiment, and vastly different ideas. Sure, the others sold pieces and I didn't (I was a little sad about that), but then some of the world's greatest artists didn't have their work recognised until after they had died (please, I don't want that to happen!!).


Lynette (NZ) said...

Fantastic news - congratulations - what a lovely early xmas presie :-)

the enchanted maiden said...

I'm SO PROUD of you!! I'm proud of you being true to your vision, and going through with the designs you wanted to do. They are absolutely stunning works.