Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun 7kms in the Sun

Wellington turned on a beautiful day for the Round the Bays Fun Run/Walk and 1/2 Marathon. I'm really proud of Rebecca doing her first 1/2 marathon - it was quite hot and in some of the bays without shade pretty hard to keep going I reckon. But she finished and we'll know her time tomorrow morning in the newspaper.
Derrick and I did the 7km walk - for him it was a doddle, and even though my training hadn't been as planned I did finish it.
Here are some snapshots from the morning:
This lass is organising her music
A cool thing for a class to do together!
Welcome shade along Oriental Parade, only 5 kms to go!
I was pleased to see this sign - starting to wilt a bit!
Everyone's support crew!
Several people along the route gave encouragement to everyone - it was such fun for them to do it, and very nice for those striding out.

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