Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Remarkable Symposium, Queenstown 2011

I can announce that I have had my 4 ANZAC challenges accepted for Symposium (whew!). Also that with the power of positive thinking, with 4 entries - I'm going to win! AND, I'm going to win a Merit prize! So, if you have entered, hard luck I've just claimed 2 prizes!!
I am doing a workshop with Larkin Van Horn (a link to her web site on the right) called Beaded Buttons and Edges. I am also an 'angel' (gopher in other words) for the other 4 days. So I will get to learn things without the stress of doing the class - oh, yeah! How much better could it be - oops, better organise the rest of the travel, too!


Lynette (NZ) said...

That is fantastic news - have fun and enjoy collecting your prizes! ;-)

Erilyn said...

Thanks Lynette - does that mean you are thinking along the same lines as me? Great - more energy :-)

Shiree said...

good on you, with all that positive power, I hope you do win!! I would love togo, but will be here tending my shop, a lot of people have called and asked if I will be open as they travel thru to Queenstown,
have fun... and GOOD LUCK!!

Erilyn said...

Thanks Shiree for your support! Perhaps on our way down - we're going on the back roads - I can call in. It would be nice to meet you :-)