Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Catch-up

Last weekend New Zealanders put their clocks back an hour, and can you believe it? Winter has started already! Well, OK, we've had a few days with cooler temperatures, lots of rain and grey cloudy skies, so it is probably just autumn.
On Monday evening I had the lambs shorn. The poor little dears, firstly they were rounded up with a dog, onto a trailer with a crate and then left in a strange place. Then a man with a noisy machine grabs them and takes all their wool off! It was such a cold evening, they spent the night 'inside' the shearing shed.
Here's my lil' Beauty five days after shearing (she's so little compared to the others):
Here are some photos I've taken this week while out on my walks:
Underside of toadstool and bug
New family

Enjoy the textures and colours!

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