Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Feel Like Alice!

All I need is the White Rabbit with his watch - time is flying past fast!
It feels like I haven't been doing very much, but I have made some feijoa chutney. The recipe had just 1kg of fruit, but because we have a bumper crop, I used 2kg instead. Also, the great thing was that you didn't have to peel the fruit!
Here we are:
Feijoa Chutney
I have also started on collecting pictures and fabric for my revised Gallipoli quilt. I made one in 2009 for a New Zealand Quilter magazine competition, but after doing 4 for the Remarkable Symposium ANZAC challenge, I decided to use the size guidelines for some more New Zealand military quilts (that is; 1m x 600mm).  I liked some of the elements I used in the first Gallipoli quilt and will try to use them. But design is not my strong point, so I'm working on the layout, reading a few more books and letting ideas percolate away.
I have also been selling excess fabric from my stash on TradeMe (trader name is Commuter), so that has been keeping me busy as well. To be honest, that amount of quilting fabric I have is way too much. I have been trimming up pieces into squares and rectangles and now have enough to make about 3 more quilts!
Anyway, bear with me if I'm not posting very often.


Ruth said...

Feijoa chutney? I think you will have to enlighten me on what that is?

Good luck on the quilt designing.. Hope your percolations are successful :)

Erilyn said...

Hi Ruth. Feijoas are an oval shaped fruit with green skins, about the size of lemons. They have a sharp sweet taste and the flesh is 'gritty' similar to guavas. They originate from South America but grow really well here in New Zealand. They are ripe when they fall from the tree (or bush) and you can eat them raw or cooked - yummy!

Ruth said...

Thanks for letting me know what they are. It's nice to find out about something new. :)