Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Mixed Bag

Things have been (and still are) pretty mixed up lately so I'm feeling at 6's and 7's. There are big changes at work that effect both Derrick and me, but I don't really want to say anything yet, and I'm trying to see that the glass is half full.
Anyway, so much more rain, that it's a bog outside - the ewes keep asking me to shift them - where to? I ask. It's sodden everywhere! I found the other day that they like feijoas - I gave them the skins and over-ripe ones, and they loved it! Made 3kg of Feijoa and ginger jam - yummy!
I started to clean up the sewing room and found some cut strips of New Zealand fabric, so here I have made them into table runners - this pattern is pretty easy, but takes quite a bit of time putting it together (well for it's size anyway).
The second one I got bored with, so didn't add the outside border (it's only 2" narrower). Both of them are quilted 1/2" from the seam lines and the center square has a feather wreath. Just have to add the Care Instructions to the back.
Working on a couple of Christmas table runners, after sorting the Christmas fabric bag. Just simple blocks to use up small-ish pieces of fabric. Will post a photo or two when I've finished binding them.
Hope your week is going well :-)


RubySlippers said...

WHERE can i buy some of your DELICIOUS jam please???!!

Erilyn said...

Well, it depends on whether BUY is an operative word? DELICIOUS it certainly is, but only because time and lots of stirring were involved :-)