Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Western Front Quilt

I feel kind of whacked, drained, or washed up. But I know that it is because I have spent A LOT of energy in making this quilt. The basic plan is still the same, but really, just as well I'm not an engineer - it's kinda made itself up as I went along!
So here we have it.
It is named: The Western Front - a Snapshot of Our Darkest Days, measures 590mm x 1005mm
There are two options for viewing. I think I like the first one the best - what do you think?
showing all the postcards  

with the postcards folded up (r.h.s.)
Check out the statistical data.
 I still have to sew on an old button above the right hand 'waterfall' of postcards.
The label is bigger than I usually make, but I decided that I needed to write some explanation to the piece of work. There is a play on the word snapshot - I have used photos and made them into postcards to depict what I learned.
This has been created to honour all those New Zealanders who fought in Europe during World War 1.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Wow - can't wait to see the stitching in person - the close-ups are stunning. An amazing piece.

Erilyn said...

Aww! thanks, Lynette - the stitching did take quite a few days - but I wanted them to be representative of the piece and you know that means a lot searching :-)

Chris said...

Beautiful - I like the way you altered the background quilt with paint. It really made a beautiful piece.

Erilyn said...

Thanks Chris. I may have to think about another quilt that I made in a depressed state - painting over it and cutting it up might help! :-o