Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here Are Some Numbers

There is very little left to delete off the catalogue, mostly books that don't have bar codes or for some reason the scanner couldn't read them. I will have to delete them manually.
But here are the numbers from the past 3 weeks:

Baby's board books:  60
Picture books:  1,304
Junior/teen fiction:  1,653
Junior Non-fiction:  1,253
Adult fiction:  3,513
Adult Non-fiction:  2,785

Total:  10,568

I haven't deleted any DVD's or Military books yet. The whole Military section will be totally re-organised. I think that I will need to put stickers on the spine to identify where they go, otherwise the collection will be very mixed up (currently I have a separate Military area from the general collection, but the City Librarian wants to divide it even further).

I am so looking forward to doing something creative this weekend! No work on Saturday, yippee!

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