Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time for an Update

I wanted to take a couple of photos of what has been waiting for me at work over the last 2+ weeks, unfortunately the battery was 'depleted'. Never mind - it has been over-whelming, but the end is in sight!
Here are some before (weeding) and after photos:
partial view of adult non-fiction
I hated shelving in the middle of this aisle - it was the cookery book section - 2+ bays cramped full!
half of the children non-fiction
This was another area I hated shelving and checking - far too full, plus lots of old irrelevant stock.
children's picture books, plus junior fiction
Another area where lots of good books were not taken out because you couldn't find anything easily.
junior fiction area
Here are the same shelves now that the weeding is completed!
partial view of the adult non-fiction
WooHoo! from 2+ bays of cookery to THREE (3) shelves! No more fighting to find a book, or trying to shelve them - AND I can see if they are out of order soooo much easier!
children non-fiction
Much more relevant and easier to find books :)
picture books
Now that there is space at the end of the shelves, I can display the front of books. I have also re-arranged another display area and find that without so many books on it (currently I choose an author on one side, and on the other have new books) I am having to restock every day - oh! joy! The books are being used!
was the junior fiction
The shelves along this wall had a mix of junior/teen fiction (from A - H). My trusty volunteer and I have made it just for teens - like from 11 years and onwards. The junior fiction takes up the rest of the shelving in this area.
I think that in total, after the weeding, the shelf space has been reduced by more than 50 shelves.
By the end of the week I will have numbers of the books deleted from the catalogue.
My sincere thanks to Anthony Lewis, Palmerston North City Librarian, Hayley Parsons, a very hard-working volunteer who has been in every day for almost 3 weeks, and Marjorie Dawson, who is a friend and library colleague, who has come out to assist many times over the last 2 weeks.
Without their help, it would have taken me AT LEAST 12 months to do the weeding.
I tell you, I'm pretty tired at the end of the day and haven't been very creative, but this library is going to be fantastic!


Lynette (NZ) said...

It's looking so great. Sorry I couldn't join in - I've been a bit bogged with projects of my own. Off to 1 and 1/2 days library training to finish my week! Hope you get some time to create on the weekend xx

Erilyn said...

Don't worry about not joining in! I couldn't NOT ask you - you may have felt left out ;)
Looking forward to my training!