Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday - yippee! Last night I made little cupcakes for work morning tea. They are coconut flavoured with different coloured icing and toppings - the recipe I used was from the Australian Cupcakes site (on the right). This recipe made heaps, so I also made some bigger cupcakes for Derrick and me.

Rebecca gave me this cupcake which is crocheted - a cool little pin cushion with sprinkles on top!

Sarah gave me the book Stitches: Contemporary New Zealand Textile Artists by Ann Packer which was a finalist in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards for 2007, Lifestyle & Contemporary Culture.
Bevan gave me a signed edition of Jerry Collins' Road to the World Cup by Tim Castle - Jerry is one of my favourite Wellington rugby players!
Derrick and Rebecca gave me a JBL iPod sound dock (called a Stage) - I can't wait to get home and try it out, plus I'll have to find some audiobooks to download now so that I can listen while I'm sewing.
One of my workmates gave me Real Fruit dehydrated Strawberries from Kapiti Candies at Lindale (can't wait to try them) and she also made the birthday card which is a beautiful big strawberry. My boss gave me a waratah (New South Wales native flower) which will hopefully dry beautifully.
A great start to the day after all.


Megan said...

Hey Happy Birthday Erilyn!!
It sounds like you are having a nice day and received some really nice things! Make sure you put your feet up later and have everyone else treat you like a queen :o) Hugs from me!!

kirsty said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Erilyn!! Lucky you getting Ann's book - I'd love a copy of that :) The cupcakes look fabulous.

JackyD said...

The cupcakes tasted as fabulous as they looked. We are very lucky to have Erilyn on our staff as she keeps us very well fed! Thanks Erilyn. Roll on your next Birthday!!


po-mo said...

Any cupcakes left for me? They look awesome

Erilyn said...

No cupcakes left now - and they were yummy!