Friday, September 7, 2007

Spring and the Lawn!

Yippee! the warmer weather heralding spring is here. I'm so sick of the rain. Yep, I know, in summer I'll be complaining because we haven't had any - you just can't win! This morning we had a beautiful frost which usually brings on a warm day, and it was one to celebrate. No wind, sunshine, and I got to do some lawn mowing for the first time in a month - the grass is sooo lush and green, I just wish I could let the hoggets loose to mow it down, but you just know that they'd eat everything else that they weren't supposed to.

Today we had the birth of our 3rd set of twins. 7 lambs from 4 ewes and 7 ewes still to give birth (well here's hoping anyway). I haven't even been to have a look yet but must take the camera for mum and babes photos.

The ornamental cherry trees are covered in buds and the Sakura Festival is on 22nd September at the International Pacific College - 2+ weeks of anticipation.

This afternoon my friend Trish gave me a fantastic massage - oh, bliss. I'm making pizza for tea and there is a great game of Ranfurly Shield rugby to watch this evening.

Life's little blessings!

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