Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feeling Poorly

I've had the 'flu for over a week now and I'm exhausted from the coughing, sore diaphragm and lack of sleep - that's no fun when it's not the weekend. At least then I could prop myself up in the lounge, have the TV on and watch the Rugby World Cup! Yesterday I went to the Doctor because I thought I had an ear infection, but it's worse than that, I have a perforated eardrum - for goodness sakes!
So today it's wet and cool outside, there'll be no catching vitamin D from spring sunshine. I'll make an effort to get dressed and do some work in the sewing room - well, there is more than enough to keep me busy for 6 months in there, and that's without starting new projects. I think that with the head full of mush it will just be little things that don't require too much thinking!
Let's make this a better day and achieve something :-)

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Donna said...

Hullo there .... I hope you are feeling a tad better now that you have a diagnosis and hopefully loads of drugs!!! Take care and I will hopefully see you soon. Donna xxx