Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Chickens and an Unwelcome Guest

Yesterday I got to see my first chickens for the year. One of my younger black Bantam hens has been such a good mum and hatched 3 little bundles of down. There are still 3 eggs, so I'll have to wait another day to see if they are going to hatch.
Unfortunately I've been battling with an unwelcome guest. A rat has been digging under the maternity unit and helping itself to the food. That is why this mother has been so good - she's had to contend with this blighter of a pest. I have carefully laid poison and traps, but to no avail. So today I tried another tact by jambing in stones and surrounding the unit with large pieces of wood - perhaps having it's holes unavailable may just divert it. I still have a trap and cake of poison out there and the other chooks can't get to it.
One of these roosters is the father (father and son, here) and the chicken with t
he dark markings will look like one of these hens.


Donna said...

I hope your not going to eat those cute wee chickens!!! :-)

Erilyn said...

As if!! There's not enough meat on them :-)