Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Little Blue Surprise

Last night when I was feeding the chooks I found a beautiful blue surprise in the nesting box. I forgot that my hens hatch their young from 19 days, not 21! So here you have it the first of the Blue Andalusians.

Next, I needed housing for them and hadn't been that organised. Derrick arrived home early and built a teepee shaped hutch, braced and all, from a desk top. This we manoeuvred into the enclosure and I filled it with hay. Two mums, 1 chick and 3 eggs later, all safely under cover and out of the rain. Plenty of hay to keep them warm.

This morning, more chicks, but it's raining really heavily so I'll look at shifting them later today.

Such excitement!!


Ozzie said...

So cute! Proud "human" mother. Do they stay bluey looking?

Erilyn said...

Yes, but I don't think so dark and the eggs are white!