Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally It's Finished!

Here it is! Not exactly a masterpiece, but I am pleased with the overall result. This is a lap quilt (measuring 50 inches square, or 1280mm) for my sister's 50th birthday, which is today, and Sarah will be visiting this weekend so she will take it to Lianne for me.
I really wanted to use fabric in my stash for this and simple blocks, so all I had to buy was the wool batting. Initially I chose other colours to use but after making the blocks, they just didn't work, and this is the end result.
Also I quilted with a variegated thread, which I thought would look great - well in the audition it did! - but after doing the quilting I didn't like it. What to do? Unpicking was NOT an option! So I quilted heaps more with a cream thread. This was the first time I have been able to quilt the feathers without having to draw them on or use paper and then tear it away. Yippee!! I have arrived! Confidence is mounting!

Feathers quilted in the borders.

Feathers in the central block.

For some reason I have managed to get puckering, both front and back, which is disappointing, but I think the plainer green fabric had some polyester content which allowed for some stretching.
Don't get me wrong, I'm 90% happy with the end result and hope that the recipient likes it too.


po-mo said...

Superstar! what a clever sister you are. I'm sure Lianne will be chuffed.

Karen said...

AS usual what a beautiful gift Erilyn and magnificent stitching as usual. That quilting is amazing!

Faye said...

Wow Erilyn love that stitching.
What a lovely quilt and a treasured gift I bet.