Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Wouldn't Believe the Luck!

All I needed was a reel of thread, so I popped into the local craft store, you know the one; huge, stock falling off the shelves, staff not up to scratch with the customer service, but an inventory to die for! I made the mistake of having a look around the craft fabrics and they had a selection at 50c/metre!

So here it is: 12 metres of 100% cotton for $6.00 (1c more than the thread!).
I can see that there will be more scrap quilts being planned soon - pity I have some Works In Progress (WIPs) to finish first.

I also managed to get some Tomato Chutney made - just enough jars for us, but I think that it will only be me eating it - mmmmm!


po-mo said...

Yo! Elms Court placing an order for one tomato chutney please

Erilyn said...

In exchange for ...?

po-mo said...

Love! lots of love!
Bevan is also offering a cuddle - I know you love them :)