Sunday, April 27, 2008

Collaborative Art Journal - Phase 4

Rhonda's journal colour is green, unfortunately this reminded me of my school uniform until I thought about the greens that surround me in spring, and my Mother-in-Law (Phyllis) who had a green thumb!
Rhonda had included pages of lutradur for us to use. This was a new one for me, but I've had fun painting, using the soldering iron and the heat gun. This is my 1st page:

I dried the Kowhai leaves and attached it to the lutradur by ironing a document protector over it (same with the butterfly). I did try using the heat gun (hence the holes) but the iron was much more successful.

The second page is Phyllis, she had a real green thumb and no matter where we were, there would always be a snip of a plant in her handbag.

Next is a lovely selection of green ribbons - a reminder of a collection that was always used to decorate my hair as a child - and the sequin waste is pure fantasy, perhaps harking back to making our Christmas decorations.

The following page is a small quilt for spring which is always full of surprises - check inside the box!

Ta-daaa! A bird's nest made from needle-felted wool with some cloisonne bead 'eggs'.
The last page has a store of seeds for the garden and seed beads for crafts. Plus some jandals to wear when getting out to explore the garden with the warmer weather.

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Faye said...

Holy Cow woman you are onto it with these journals.