Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Parcel in My Mailbox

and it's not even my birthday! This was a little competition my friend Kirsty in Australia was running on her blog. Some beautiful braid, gorgeous buttons (my favourite is the ducky), a lovely piece of '60s fabric and a pin cushion made from an old doiley. Ahh! Kirsty, it's so lovely, thank you.
We have had some lovely 'spring' weather over the past week so Derrick and I have been able to get out and mow the lawns - actually it would be so much easier if the sheep could do the mowing, but you can't trust them not to eat everything else first, then the grass. Hopefully they will be having a pre-lambing shear this weekend, then it's a matter of waiting for the lambs.

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Kayjay said...

Hello stranger. First time in to check blogs for over two weeks. Poor Chloe but I love her 'outfit'. Bet you made it yourself huh. How did you get on with your entry????

All is well now and Im settling in. Had a lovely visit with Carol for two nights. I'm okay but I am homesick... does that make sense. Love you heaps Karen