Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Making New Zealanders Quilt

Here is the photo of my Making New Zealanders: The Gallipoli Campaign 1915 quilt, made for the New Zealand Quilter Make in New Zealand challenge. It measures 32 x 41.5 inches (81cm x 105.5cm). I think it still needs some 'signs' to make the places on the 'map' at the top and I haven't figured out the best way to make them yet.
The top piece is in relief the Gallipoli Peninsula as the troops saw it for landing. I painted Vliesofix, crumpled it and when it was dry, ironed it onto the background fabric. The spurs were quilted on later, and then I painted the shadows of the valleys.
Four photos were transferred using the T-shirt transfer method and I highlighted some areas with colour pencils and stitching. The 2 central blocks were printed directly onto the fabric - the top one is a sketch of the positions of the landing crafts and boats.
The 2 silhouettes were stitched over painted document sleeve protectors (I liked the effect of lots of flies that I thought it gave), stamped painted crosses on the black background and the red block was an artistic version of explosions and blood.
The only traditional blocks were the pinwheels and I quilt stitched them with barbed wire effect.

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