Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Needle Case Swap Sample

I thought it prudent to make at least one sample for the applique needle case swap - it wouldn't be good to make a mistake on the BEST swap one, would it.
So, I've used linen for my background and played around with colours for the flower and done some hand stitching for embellishment.
Anyway, here's the outside, opened up:
And this is the inside - I used fine wool for the 'pages' instead of felt, and cut more than one sheet:
 Pretty happy with the outcome.


the enchanted maiden said...

oh I love it! that is one of the prettiest needlecases i've seen. may I please place an order?

Erilyn said...

Oh, thank you! I'm sure you could use it!

Cat B said...

Oh my goodness me - Now I really am worried about this swap - and here was I thinking it was going to be an easier swap than my last one.
You're very very talented and this needlecase is just gorgeous!

Erilyn said...

Thanks, Cat! It's just a sample to make sure everything works well - the linen background sure makes for careful stitching and finishing.