Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quilt In A Day

Today I ALMOST finished a quilt in a day! Oh yeah! It's never happened before and I've always poohed-poohed the idea from patterns and books. I mean, who doesn't take at least a day to sort out the fabric to be used and then spend hours cutting it up? Anyway, one of the fabulous (not!) things about the medication I'm currently on, is that I don't sleep for very long. So this morning I was up at 2:45am, dressed, heater on in the quilting studio, cutting, stitching and ironing. Admittedly it's only a cot quilt for commission. All I have left to do is quilt the two side borders and bind it.
Photo tomorrow, when finished.
I'm really (knackered) bushed now, it's been a long and productive day!

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