Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Competition Entry - Friendships

I have entered this quilt into the Quilting Blogger's weekly theme - this week it is Friendships.
Themed Quilt Contests
I made it for my friend Marjorie in time for her starting chemo for liver cancer in 2008. It is quilted with hearts and angels and I choose the greens because it is a calming colour - plus Marjorie, like me is a redhead, and we love green!
Voting starts on Friday (US time), so for us Southern Hemisphere dwellers, check it out from Saturday - until Sunday evening (US time). Click on the logo link above to vote.
Oh, I have to mention that there is something in the power of positivity and eating the correct food (as well as the chemo, etc), because my friend Marjorie is still looking beautiful, won a Husqvarna sewing machine at Tote & Gloat this year and is using that machine to make lovely quilts - yea!


Megan Renfree said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the green and the cream combination!! Another beautiful quilt Erilyn! Do you by chance have a simple pattern for a sewing machine cover? I thought I might try to self teach myself. I have wanted to for a while and thought I would try starting with something small like that?? Mainly because my sewing machine cover is really ugly :o) Any recommendations?

Erilyn said...

Hi Megan
Sometimes I just have fun Google-ing things - for inspiration as well as just to see what is out there! Can you unpick the cover you have now and make another cover in fabrics you like - there are some great owl fabrics at the moment. Otherwise here is an address I found:

Megan Renfree said...

Thanks Erilyn. The cover at the moment is just a really ugly plastic slip thing. But I did think I could perhaps make a pattern out of calico first that I could trace the cover from. I did a similar thing for recovering an outdoor chair last summer. I will check the site you came up with though. I'm sure it can't be that hard, its essentially a rectangle :o)