Friday, July 2, 2010

Calorie-Free Cupcake - Sample

In August, Rose City Quilters are holding their bi-annual quilt show over 3 days. As well as showing quilts, there is a small challenge, plus we have another fun challenge which the public will vote on. This is the calorie-free cupcake challenge. Members can make a cupcake in any style - so it can be stitched, felted, knitted - whatever takes their fancy! The public will vote with coins and the winner will be the entrant with the most $$$. All the money used in voting will be donated to a charity selected by committee.
Here is something I've been working on - a felted ball, fabric 'case', french knitted icing (wool dyed with saffron) and beads as sprinkles. This is a zesty lemon cupcake:
I'm treating this as a sample, because it doesn't sit very well and I'm not happy with the 'case'. Fun though, and a pincushion as well!

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