Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing with Something Different

I thought that it would be fun to do some flour/water resist and painting. So here we go. An empty bench, and I'm going to be away for a couple of days.
I spread out my fabric on some plastic,
mix up some flour and water to a stiff paste and spread it over the fabric with a spatula,

draw a pattern - I used a teaspoon, because I really hate the slimy feel of the flour/water mix, then leave it to dry for a couple of days - well, the weather has been winter wet, so some things just take longer to dry!
So, a few days later, there is a window of opportunity with a bit of afternoon sun. Outside with the fabric and paint (I used textile ink). I encouraged some cracking by using a rolling pin and pulling on the edges of the fabric before painting. Once dry, it needed to be heat set - mmm! best way of doing that? I lay this piece upside down on a bath mat on the bathroom floor and used a hairdryer, then the iron! I then pulled off as much of the dry 'dough' as I could before washing it - this actually took a couple of goes, because the flour seemed to be quite sticky.
Anyway, this is the end result - the design doesn't show as much as I hoped, but I do like the crackle effect, and I can work with this.


Joker said...

Hi Erilyn,
Today I received your envelope from New Zealand! The needlecase swap was not on my mind when the post came in and I was surprised to get an envelope because I didn't order any fabric lately. When I opened it I was so pleased. Thank you for the pretty needlecase and the chocolat(I am a chocoholic you know!!!) also the fabrics are very appreciated.
The needlecase I made went to Australia, Queensland.
I wish you receive a nice one aswell.
I read about the needlecase on your blog and what a coincidence that you made an orange one in advance.
Wishing you many happy quilting hours!
Happy Sewing and Kind Regards from The Netherlands!
Joke W.

Erilyn said...

WooHoo! that didn't take long for it to arrive - less than 7 days!
Thanks Joke for the comment.

Helen said...

Hi Erilyn! just tried to reply to your email but you are no reply, so here I am!!

Thanks for advice re needle for 12wt thread, I eventually moved up to a 100/16.

Small world! I saw the needle case you made for the swap - lovely and now I have just read the comment above and find it's from Joke - my partner I received my needle case from!!!! This swap has been lots of fun - my partner is in the USA and I'm mailing it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Helen and Erilyn,
It is a small world indeed !!
Joke W.