Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Has Come Early at the 'Farm'

Well it sure feels like it! The weather has been beautiful and warm and we have finally got someone in to do the fencing in the house paddock.
Here is the temporary fence we had for a few years, but the hoggets could easily jump or push their way through, so it had to go.
Here is the new fence in approximately the same area:

The view from the deck and living areas of the house - no batons!
And even a new fence to divide up the area (2 paddocks from one):
We have had posts driven into the ground near the barn so that small yards and loading ramp can be built - that way I will be able to drench and other things with the sheep. But, that is not going to happen overnight and I am really happy with having new fences, gates and paddocks!

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Helen said...

I just LOVE looking at your photos...... I think I had forgotten just how" GREEN" green actually is!!!! Although we have had lots of rain of late, totally green hillsides and valleys are still to come.