Monday, November 15, 2010

It Hasn't All Been About a Lamb!

I know it looks like I have been playing with the lamb, but honestly! I've been busy with other things.
Firstly, in the morning I have been gardening - yes! shock! horror! the g word. This means that lambie and dog can help - or watch. All my hanging baskets are re-vegetated, and strawberries and tomatoes are potted up. Yesterday we fixed up the fence where the sheep had broken a bit in their effort to commute between paddocks - well, they are smart, but just can't physically manage the gate latch!
I have also managed a small amount of sewing. Zonta have a craft fundraising evening this Friday night, so I have made these table runners to add to the pile of quilts I would LOVE to sell!
I have also made this pattern up in New Zealand fabrics, but haven't got around to quilting it yet. I love how easy it is to change the look with so few fabrics

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