Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smallholders' Auction

On the last Saturday of January, the Pohangina/Ashhurst Lions hold an auction. It takes place on a farm 7km from Ashhurst and has been going for a large number of years now. Originally it was set up for people like me, who have a smallholding, to be able to sell their livestock - 1 or 2 sheep, a calf, chickens, whatever, because it wasn't possible, at the time, to sell small numbers at the big auction places.
I hadn't been for a few years, but have always enjoyed meeting up with people and sometimes bidding on goods.
Here are some snapshots of the day:
 These 3 geese really knew how to pose!
 I very much liked this 2 tooth Suffolk ram, but didn't bid as it was at my limit, and I didn't have a trailer to bring him home in (just a collar and leash - tied up in the back of the ute, imagine!).
This man was selling a cute Kune kune piglet.
Here is the queue for the hamburgers and sausages:
These 3 porkers didn't want a bar of the happenings!

A Pitt Island cross ewe, which sold for $200.00 - a record!
I had a great day!

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