Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking Some Sheep Time

It was such a good evening we went up to the paddocks and spent some time with the flock and Beauty. These are a couple of my favourite photos:
Rosie and friends
Derrick and Beauty
Rosie is hoping that we have some treats and Beauty knows we have treats AND cuddles!
Back at work today after the Christmas break. It's our busiest day with returns and shelving and with people coming in to resupply their reading fodder.
Here at home, I'm desperately trying to finish another challenge quilt for Symposium this year. Photos and entry forms have to be in Queenstown by Friday, which means I have to have them posted at the latest by Wednesday. Just a little bit more to do, so it can be photographed - at least I can finish it properly in slower time (which really means by the end of the week, because there are other things waiting).

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